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Looking for something a bit more bespoke to your photography group?

I offer exclusive photo safaris for groups of three or more guests that would like to take their photography skills to the next level while on safari in Africa. 

Here is what I offer my clients:

- Over the phone itinerary planning -

- Custom itinerary based on your group's needs -

- 4-5 star accommodation in tented camps or safari lodges -

- Budget safari options available -

- All-inclusive safari packages -

- Pre-tour chat with your photo host -

- Photographic tutorials throughout safari -

So, Lets Start Planning!

We will start with figuring out what destination is right for your photography group! Take a look through the highlights of each location, then fill out the form to start planning!

Lioness and Cubs


July, August & September


Maasai Mara National Reserve


- Great Migration of Wildebeests​

- Large Population of Lions

- Chance to see Africa's Big 5

Amboseli National Park


- Large Tusker Elephants

- Great Birding Destination

-Views of Mount Kilimanjaro

Kenya is a great location for all photographers including beginners and is ideal for your first African safari.


To get the best out of a Kenyan safari, combine these two locations for a 10-day safari. 

Amboseli National Park is known as 'The Land of Elephants' with thousands of these giants roaming the area. The famous Super Tusker Craig resides in the area, one of the only 25 Super Tuskers left on Earth.

The Maasai Mara National Reserve is perfect for general African wildlife, offering the best of what the African continent has to offer. Photograph the Big 5 out on safari, along with many other species that call this area home. During the months of July - September, the 1.5 million Wildebeests that make up the Great Migration have returned to the Mara, making for endless photo opportunities.


June, July, August & September


Ngorongoro Crater


- Chance to see Africa's Big 5

- Great for Wildlife & Landscapes

- A Unique Birding Destination

Central Serengeti


- Great Big Cat Sightings

- Best Cheetah Destination in Africa

- Iconic Open Plains African Landscapes

Northern Serengeti


- Great Migration of Wildebeests

- Predator Photography

- Great for Action Shots


Tanzania is arguably the most famous safari destination in Africa, as it offers photographers an incredible variation in landscapes and wildlife.

The Ngorongoro Crater is an incredible location, hosting an entire ecosystem living on the crater floor. Once a volcano, the now dried crater floor provides nutritious soils for all species including the African Big 5, predators, Flamingos, and hundreds of other bird and wildlife species.

From there, travel into the Central Serengeti, where you are surrounded by open savanna landscapes that are dominated by Big Cats. The open plains of the Serengeti are filled with prey and provide predators with perfect hunting grounds.

Visiting the Northern Serengeti during the months of July and August give photographers the opportunity to capture the Great Migration of Wildebeests as the begin to cross the Mara River and make their way into the Mara Triangle of Kenya. 

Gorilla in Bwindi


May, June & July


Bwindi Impenetrable Forest


- Close Encounters w/ Mountain Gorillas

Kibale National Park


- Close Encounters w/ Chimpanzees

- 12 Additional Primate Species

Mabamba Swamp


- Shoebill Stork

- Best Location to Photograph Kingfishers

- Hundreds of Other Bird Species

Uganda is a beautiful country, offering a very different safari experience. If your group has already done a typical African wildlife safari, Uganda may be your next photography destination.


Uganda is the best country to photograph primates. With Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and many other primate species residing in the western mountain regions, Uganda is thriving with photo opportunities that are different from every other safari destination. 

For those who are interested in bird photography, Mabamba Swamp, just outside of Entebbe is a birders paradise. With the top attraction here being the dinosaur-like Shoebill Stork, guests travel across Lake Victoria to board a small boat that will venture into the swamps to photograph this bird. With only 13 in the area, this is an incredible opportunity. 


May, June, July, August, September, October


Okavango Delta


- Incredible Birding Destination

- Witness Big Cats crossing Waterways

- Helicopter Rides over the Delta

Moremi Game Reserve


- Great for Big Cat Photography

- Endangered Wild Dog Sightings

- Top Birding Destination

Nxai Pan


- Great Waterhole Photography

- Plenty of Elephant Sightings

- Great Kalahari Desert Landscapes


Botswana offers photographers great diversity in landscapes, From the Kalahari Desert to the intricate waterways of the Okavango Delta, Botswana can provide photographers with variety to add to their portfolio.

The Okavango Delta is a watery wildlife paradise where, during the dry season, animals migrate to the area, as water is scares elsewhere. Witness elephants swimming and splashing to keep cool, Lions hunting in shallow waters, and much more.

On the contrary, Nxai Pan offers a desert-like landscape with a few permanent waterholes, making this a great destination to photograph congregations of Elephants, Zebra and Wildebeests. And where there is prey, there is predators. Not all wildlife moves towards Moremi/Okavango Delta. There are plenty of resident herds that make for great photo opportunities.

Interested in a safari destination that is not listed above?

Email me at to see if I can help you create your ideal African Safari

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